Liège... It's time to get up! Forget the past... Go outside and have a blast!

It's time for RETRO RAVE featuring BE RAVE Boosted by Pure Electronic...
and PURE retro from back in the days till today's music it will be on December 1st...

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LINE UP ( alphabetical order) 
▪ Acid Junkies live (NL)
▪ Bountyhunter (Bonzai/Whoops)
▪ CJ Bolland (Camargue, The Prophet)
▪ CYRK Live (DE)
▪ Dany Rodriguez
▪ Pierre
▪ Tindra

So join us December 1st at Le Cardan, Rue de Bruxelles in Liège and let RETRO from back then till today's music take control.

LE CADRAN, Rue de Bruxelles, 4000 LIEGE - LUIK - LÜTTICH

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